Currently, the following topics for students’ theses can be chosen:

Areas and Current Topics: Contact Person
DB Systems Architecture, Scalable and Secure Data Processing, DB-Systems on Modern Hardware
A choice of current topics:

  • Benchmark design for adaptive database systems
  • Integration of the ERIS storage system in apache spark
  • Implementation and optimization of a code generator for compression algorithms
  • Evaluation of the Intel SGX extension for secure data processing
  • Implementation and evaluation of a storage module for graph data in ERIS
Dirk Habich
Data Analysis, Information Extraction, Machine Learning, Time Series

A choice of current topics:

  • Application of data analysis techniques
  • Active learning and semi-supervised techniques for data annotation
  • NLP and IR for mathematical formulae
  • Times series analysis
Claudio Hartmann
For further individually defined topics, please contact the respective contact person.

Interested in Writing your Thesis at the Database Research Group?

Should you be interested in writing you final thesis at the chair of databases, please directly get in touch with the contact person of the respective topic. Your request should encompass at least the following information:

  • Name, matriculation number, course of study, starting year of study (year of enrollment)
  • Sort of thesis (e.g., Beleg, Diplomarbeit, …)
  • Envisioned time frame (period for compiling the thesis); from when onwards or until when the latest do you plan to work on your thesis – this is especially important, if deadlines regarding your course of study apply
  • Which area of research or kind of topic are you most interested in
  • Which classes that relate to this area did you already follow