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The Database Systems Group Dresden (Chair of Database) at the Institute of System Architecture of the Faculty of Computer Science at TU Dresden was established in 2002 and is lead by Prof. Wolfgang Lehner.

Research activities conducted by the database systems group focus on the problem of adding application-specific functionality to the classical concept of a database management system. The general goal of research activities is the development of a database management system that will be the central integration and analysis platform within an enterprise-wide data organization system.

We are pleased to present exciting research topics and publications. In the section Teaching we provide information about current Courses and Thesis Topics of the chair.

Latest News

2nd place in the ACM SIGMOD 2018 Student Research Competition (SRC)

Michael Günther has been awarded 2nd place in the ACM SIGMOD 2018 Student Research Competition (SRC). Congratulations!!!



In a recent post on SIGARCH about Near Data Computing from a Database Systems Perspective written by Spyros Blanas, our work on resilient data storage and query processing is mentioned as an highlight and important future topic.


We are happy to announce that our paper “Beyond Straightforward Vectorization of Lightweight Data Compression Algorithms for Larger Vector Sizes” written by Johannes Pietrzyk, Annett Ungethüm, Dirk Habich and Wolfgang Lehner has been accepted at the GvDB-Workshop. Johannes Pietrzyk is currently writing his diploma thesis at our chair and summarized already some results for the GvDB-workshop.


Die Klausureinsicht zur Datenbankprüfung (Wiederholungsklausur im WS 17/18) wird am 11. April um 11:00 Uhr im Raum APB 3043 stattfinden.

Demo@SIGMOD 2018

We are happy to announce that our demo „Energy-Utility Function-Based Resource Control for In-Memory Database Systems LIVE“ has been accepted at SIGMOD 2018. This is a joint demo with the operating system group of Prof. Härtig.

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