Time: Monday and Tuesday, 4. DS (13:00 bis 14:30), Start 09 October 2017
Location: APB E010 (lecture) / APB E001 (exercise)
Quantity: 2V/2Ü/0P SWS
Language: English
Modules: DSE-10-M2, DSE-14-M3, MCL-CSE


  • 13.02.18, 9:20 (start of exam, please arrive at least 10 min early)
  • GÖR/226/H
  • bring your ID and student ID
  • bring a pen (no pencil)
  • English dictionaries are allowed, but nothing more


Database systems play a central role in building large and distributed transactionally working information systems. Within this lecture, we discuss techniques which are required to setup a robust distributed information system. After repeating the core concepts of ER modeling and the relational database model including SQL, we focus on specific features of a large scale database system.

Lecture notes

Chapter Content Slides Number of pages
0 Introduction pdf 12
1 Hands on SQL pdf 39
2 Database Programming pdf 49
3 Database Design pdf 38
4 Relational Theory pdf 46
5 DBMS Architecture I – From Disks To Pages pdf 57
6 DBMS Architecture II – From Pages To Database Objects pdf 56
7 DBMS Architecture III – From Database Objects To Query Results pdf 40
8 Transactions pdf 41


The exercise is held on tuesdays in the room APB E001. The exercise sheets are made available each monday.
Chapter Content Material
1 SQL pdf
2 Practical Exercise 1 – Introduction pdf
3 ER models pdf
4 Relational Algebra pdf
5 Practical Exercise 1 – Recap pdf
6 Functional Dependencies pdf
7 Normal Forms, Outer Join, Semi Join pdf
8 Buffer Management, Recovery pdf
9 Trees pdf
10 Fragmentation, Views, Database Index pdf
11 Practical Exercise 2 – JOINs pdf
12 Transactions pdf
13 Locking, MVCC pdf
14 Practical Exercise 2 – Recap pdf


Most of the following books are available at SLUB Dresden.
  • Elasmri, R.; Navathe, S: “Fundamentals of Database Systems” (5th Edition)
  • Ramakrishnan, R.; Gehrke, J.: “Database Management Systems” McGraw-Hill, 2000
  • Weikum, G.; Vossen, G.: “Transactional Information Systems“ Morgan Kaufmann, 2001
  • J. Hoffer:, M. Prescott, H. Topi: “Modern Database Management” (9th Edition)
  • Garcia-Molina, H.; Ullman, J.; Widom, J.: “Database Systems: The Complete Book” (2nd Edition)
  • Garcia-Molina, H.; Ullman, J.; Widom, J.: “Database System Implementation”, 2000