Time: Monday and Tuesday, 4. DS (13:00 bis 14:30), Start 09 October 2017
Location: APB E010 (lecture) / APB E001 (exercise)
Quantity: 2V/2Ü/0P SWS
Language: English
Modules: DSE-10-M2, DSE-14-M3, MCL-CSE

Post-exam review

  • You can have a look at your exam again in case you wonder what went wrong. (Your participation is neither expected nor requested. It is merely an offer in case you cannot figure out what went wrong, so you can prepare better for future exams.)
  • March 20, 2018
  • Starting 12:30
  • Room APB 3043


Database systems play a central role in building large and distributed transactionally working information systems. Within this lecture, we discuss techniques which are required to setup a robust distributed information system. After repeating the core concepts of ER modeling and the relational database model including SQL, we focus on specific features of a large scale database system.

Lecture notes

Chapter Content Slides Number of pages
0 Introduction pdf 12
1 Hands on SQL pdf 39
2 Database Programming pdf 49
3 Database Design pdf 38
4 Relational Theory pdf 46
5 DBMS Architecture I – From Disks To Pages pdf 57
6 DBMS Architecture II – From Pages To Database Objects pdf 56
7 DBMS Architecture III – From Database Objects To Query Results pdf 40
8 Transactions pdf 41


The exercise is held on tuesdays in the room APB E001. The exercise sheets are made available each monday.
Chapter Content Material
1 SQL pdf
2 Practical Exercise 1 – Introduction pdf
3 ER models pdf
4 Relational Algebra pdf
5 Practical Exercise 1 – Recap pdf
6 Functional Dependencies pdf
7 Normal Forms, Outer Join, Semi Join pdf
8 Buffer Management, Recovery pdf
9 Trees pdf
10 Fragmentation, Views, Database Index pdf
11 Practical Exercise 2 – JOINs pdf
12 Transactions pdf
13 Locking, MVCC pdf
14 Practical Exercise 2 – Recap pdf


Most of the following books are available at SLUB Dresden.
  • Elasmri, R.; Navathe, S: “Fundamentals of Database Systems” (5th Edition)
  • Ramakrishnan, R.; Gehrke, J.: “Database Management Systems” McGraw-Hill, 2000
  • Weikum, G.; Vossen, G.: “Transactional Information Systems“ Morgan Kaufmann, 2001
  • J. Hoffer:, M. Prescott, H. Topi: “Modern Database Management” (9th Edition)
  • Garcia-Molina, H.; Ullman, J.; Widom, J.: “Database Systems: The Complete Book” (2nd Edition)
  • Garcia-Molina, H.; Ullman, J.; Widom, J.: “Database System Implementation”, 2000