In the summer term 2021 we offer the following courses:

(all data and information is is preliminary and subject to change)
Course Informatik Medieninformatik Lehrexport (DSE, IST, WiWi, Lehramt)
Bachelor Master Diplom PO2010 Diplom PO2004 Bachelor Master Diplom Bachelor / Master
Datenbanken Grundlagen [DB] INF-B-370 INF-D-270 INF-B-370 INF-LE-EUI, INF-LE-PHY, INF-SEBS-INF-11, INF-SEGY-INF-11, INF-SEMS-INF-11, IST-05-PF-HS
Datenintegration und -analyse [DIA] INF-B-510 INF-B-520 INF-BAS4, INF-VERT4 INF-B-530, INF-B-540 INF-BI-2 D-WW-INF-3421, D-WW-INF-3422, D-WW-INF-3423, INF-LE-WW, WI-MA-08-01, WI-MA-09-01
Scalable Data Management [SDM] INF-B-510, INF-B-520, INF-B-530, INF-B-540 BAS-4, VERT-4 INF-BI-2  
Transactional Information Systems (Exercise) [TIS Ü] DSE-10-M2 DSE-14-M3
Hauptseminar Datenbanken [HS] INF-AQUA INF-VERT4, INF-D-940 INF-AQUA MINF-04-HS IST-05-FG-AVS, IST-05-HS
Proseminar Datenbanken [PS] INF-B-510 INF-B-520 INF-B-610 INF-D-520 INF-B-530 INF-B-540 INF-B-610 WI-BA-08
Komplexpraktikum DB-Systemarchitektur [KP SyA] INF-B-510, INF-B-520 INF-B-530, INF-B-540 IST-05-KP
Forschungspraktikum DB-Systemarchitektur [FP SyA] INF-PM-FPG INF-04-KP MINF-04-KP-FG3
Komplexpraktikum DB-Anwendungsentwicklung [KP Anw] INF-B-510, INF-B-520 INF-B-530, INF-B-540 IST-05-KP
Forschungspraktikum DB-Anwendungsentwicklung [FP Anw] INF-PM-FPA INF-04-KP MINF-04-KP-FG3

Time Table

(all information in is preliminary and changes are possible)
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1. DS (07:30 to 9:00)          
2. DS (09:20 to 10:50)  DIA Ü       Informatik II für Verkehrsingenieurwesen
3. DS (11:10 to 12:40)   DB Grundlagen VL DIA VL    
4. DS (13:00 to 14:30) SDM HS und PS      
5. DS (14:50 to 16:20)          
6. DS (16:40 to 18:10)          
7. DS (18:30 to 20:00)