Time: by arrangement
Location: APB 3105
Quantity: 0V/2Ü/0P SWS
Language: English
Modules: DSE-10-M2, DSE-14-M3

General Information

This semester, we provide the TIS exercise again, to prepare you for the (repetition) exam in summer.  This semester, we will talk about the topics in several blocks. Please prepare the topics before the exercise. We will meet at APB 3105 at 14:50. The exercise sheets can be found at last years Transactional Information Systems (Excercise). Please use auditorium.inf.tu-dresden.de for questions.


Date Content


Most of the following books are available at SLUB Dresden.
  • Elasmri, R.; Navathe, S: “Fundamentals of Database Systems” (5th Edition)
  • Ramakrishnan, R.; Gehrke, J.: “Database Management Systems” McGraw-Hill, 2000
  • Weikum, G.; Vossen, G.: “Transactional Information Systems“ Morgan Kaufmann, 2001
  • J. Hoffer:, M. Prescott, H. Topi: “Modern Database Management” (9th Edition)
  • Garcia-Molina, H.; Ullman, J.; Widom, J.: “Database Systems: The Complete Book” (2nd Edition)
  • Garcia-Molina, H.; Ullman, J.; Widom, J.: “Database System Implementation”, 2000