Time: Tuesday, 4. DS (13:00 bis 14:30)
Location: APB E008
Quantity: 2V/2Ü/0P
Language: German
Modules: INF-B-510, INF-B-520, INF-B-530, INF-B-540, INF-BAS4, INF-BI-2, INF-PM-ANW, INF-VERT4, IST-05-FG-AVS, MINF-04-FG-IAS, WI-BA-08, INF-04-FG-AVS


Although we already live in a world of data, we just see the tip of an iceberg. Data is everywhere and decisions based on large data sets are driving not only business related ut more and more personal decisions. The challenges are enormous and range from technical questions on how to setup and run an efficient and cost-effective data management platform to security and privacy concerns to prevent the loss of personal self-determination.
In this course we give a broad overview of Big Data technologies. First, we revisit the traditional way tackling structured Big Data by introducing the relational database system DB2. Second, we present the most popular state-of-the-art platforms such as Redis, HBase, MongoDB, Neo4j to manage unstructured or semi-structured data as well as graphs. Third, we will give an overview of Apache Spark, a parallel in-memory data processing engine, that is used for Big Data analytics. The exercises for the individual Big Data platforms are supplemented by a specific real-world use-case.

Course Outline

Teil Inhalt Folien
00 Organisatorisches pdf
01 Overview pdf
02 SQL (Basics and Advanced) a) pdf b) pdf
03 JDBC pdf
04 ODBC pdf
05 UDFs und SPs a) pdf b) pdf
06 Redis – A Key-Value / Data Structure Store pdf
07 HBase (Big Table) pdf
08 MongoDB – Document Stores pdf
09 Neo4j – Graph Database System pdf
10 ArangoDB – A Multi-model Database System pdf
11 Apache Spark – A Data Flow System pdf


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