In the summer term 2023 we offer the following courses:

For information about which module the courses can be taken in please take a look at MoLe.

(all data and information is is preliminary and subject to change)
Data Management Foundations[DMF]
Datenbank-Engineering [DBE]
Database Systems: Design and Implementation [DBDI]
Forschungspraktikum DB-Anwendungsentwicklung [FPAE]
Forschungspraktikum DB-Systemarchitektur [FPSA]
Hauptseminar Datenbanken [HS]
Informatik II für Verkehrsingenieurswesen [INF2]
Komplexpraktikum DB-Anwendungsentwicklung [KPAE]
Komplexpraktikum DB-Systemarchitektur [KPSA]
Datenbanken Masterpraktikum [MP]
DB-Masterpraktikum Medieninformatik [MPMINF]
Proseminar Datenbanken[PS]
Doktorandenseminar Datenbanken [DSDB]

Time Table

(all information in is preliminary and changes are possible)
Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1. DS (07:30 to 9:00)   DBE Ü + DMF Ü DBE Ü + DMF Ü + INF2 Ü INF2 Ü DMF Ü
2. DS (09:20 to 10:50)   DMF Ü DMF Ü   INF2 V
3. DS (11:10 to 12:40) DBDI Ü+INF2 Ü + DBE Ü DBE V + DMF V      
4. DS (13:00 to 14:30) DMF Ü PS + HS INF2 Ü   INF2 Ü
5. DS (14:50 to 16:20) DBDI V+DMF Ü DMF Ü    
6. DS (16:40 to 18:10)        
7. DS (18:30 to 20:00)