Research Project :: DEXTER 

Dexter (Dresden Index for Transactional Access on Emerging Technologies)

Index structures are core components of typical database management systems. While this area has been studied for a long time, many aspects need to be reconsidered in the context of modern hardware architectures. The focus of DEXTER is to design an indexing system for main-memory data that exploits emerging technologies. DEXTER offers a well-balanced read/write performance that suits for high update rates and mixed workloads required for e.g., operational BI applicatiion.

The DEXTER project comprises the follwoing sub projects:



  • In-Memory Indexing:
    • M. Böhm, B. Schlegel, P. B. Volk, U. Fischer, D. Habich, W. Lehner: Efficient In-Memory Indexing with Generalized Prefix Trees; In: Proceedings der 14. GI-Fachtagung für Datenbanksysteme in Business, Technology und Web (BTW 2011, February 28 - March 4 2011, Kaiserslautern, Germany), 2011, PDF, Talk.
  • In-Memory Query Processing
    • M. Böhm, P. Lehmann, P. B. Volk, W. Lehner: Query Processing on Prefix Trees; In: Proceedings of the Fall 2010 Future SOC Lab Day (HPI Technical Report), 2011, PDF, Link.
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