Invited Talks


The Massive Data Challenge - A unique approach to handling smart meter data with a hybrid database


The rapid rollout of smart meters as part of the Smart Grid adoption by utilities companies has led to unprecedented data growth in the Energy and Utilities market. Traditional database systems are not well suited to the demands of this large volume of data. Most database systems must resort to massive hardware just to store the data and generate reports. In addition SQL, the traditional database language, is not well suited to developing the kind of analytic queries needed to derive value out of this sea of data. This talk will concentrate on a unique database system designed to handle both traditional relational data as well as the non-traditional data found in smart meter applications. How the database has been extended, why these extensions can improve performance by an order of magnitude or more, and how they can typically save over 60% of the disk storage space of a traditional database will be discussed.


Kevin Brown
STSM, Chief Architect - Informix Dynamic Server

Kevin was a software architect at Illustra from 1993 to 1996 where he worked with Michael Stonebraker. In 1996 Illustra was taken over by Informix, which was then taken over by IBM in 2001. Since then, Kevin works as chief architect for Informix and is significantly involved in the development of Informix' technology for time series data.